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Sri Vaishnava Sri is one of the leading Publishers and re-sellers of Srivaishnava Sampradhaya books.Our

wide range of books include Nalayira Divyaprabandham,Nithyanusanthanam, Stotrapatam series – Poorvacharya Stotramala, Koil ozhugu etc.,

We also sell the publications of reputed Sri Vaishnava Publishers .

We also sell Yajnopaveethams, Thirumann, Sri ChurNam, Amavasya Tharppana Bhugnams.

Welcome to Sri Vaishnava Sri, Srirangam . When buying multiple items via this website it is better to enquire us by whatsapp or phone ( 90424 53934 ) rather than directly ordering via website as there shall be considerable postal savings when multiple items are combined in a single purchase.

Standard Delivery time for most products is 2 - 4 days after ordering / payment is made.
If there is a delay we shall inform the customer ASAP.

Also when ordering choose the option correctly for Packing and Forwarding as we have observed many customers order from Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi , Kanpur etc, but choose In Shop / In Srirangam. Customers should actually choose , TN,Pondy ( For addresses in Tamilnadu, Pondicherry), AP,T,K&K ( for addresses in Andhra,Telengana,Karnataka,Kerala) and Rest of India for other states as shipping / transportation / courier charges apply to all places other than Srirangam in shop purchase.

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About us

Sri Vaishnava Sri founded by Sri Vaishnava sri Ananthachari swamy of Raja Mannargudi and now being run by Sri Vaishnava sri Krishnamachari , Eminent author, Historian , Editor, Epigraphist etc., has been a pioneer in imparting distance education on Sri Vaishnavism from 1992 till date on the Basics of Sri Vaishnavism, Sri Bashyam , Thiruvaimozhi and Bhagavad Gita . Sri Vaishnava Sri has also published nearly 150 publications on Sri Vaishnavism related to Azhvar Acharyas Hymns, commentaries,Sri Vaishnava Agamas , 108 Divyadesams etc.

About Us

Sri Vaishnava Sri Krishnamachari Vasudevan

Thiruvarangan Thirumutrathu Sri Vaishnava Adiyar - Adiyen Ramanujadasan

Original Srivaishnavasri , 1992. In the service of Srivaishnavism and Sri Vaishnavites for over 3 decades . By Lord Ranganatha's Grace we are blessed with the largest collection of Sri Vaishnava Book Titles under a single roof for the benefit of Sri vaishnava Sampradayam.


Sri Vaishnavasri book shop operates at Sri Ranganachiyar Achagam  in 214 , East Uthara St., Srirangam near Koil Annan Thirumaligai, Vijayawada choultry,Krishna Mahal and Shiva travels adjacent to ManavaLa Mamunigal sannidhi in South Uthara street, Srirangam.


214,East Uthara St., Srirangam,Trichy - 620 006.

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